Version: DN22 (heel turn)

Name: Deepak

Gender: Male

DOB: July 18, 1981

Height: 6 foot 2.

Weight: 265+

Location: 1343 S Rockledge Dr. Palatine, Illinois. USA. 60067. 🇺🇸

Race: Asian/Indian

Ethnicity: American Citizen 🇺🇸 (born in Islamic Libya to Hindu South-Indian Kerala Parents.)

Education: University of Illinois. Champaign-Urbana.

Consumer Economics & Finance (BS). 2005.

House: EN. President. 2001.

Ascendant: Gemini ♊️

Sun Sign: Cancer ♋

Moon Sign: Aquarius ♒

Mercury: Cancer ♋️

Mars: Gemini ♊️

Venus: Leo ♌️

Jupiter: Libra ♎️

Saturn: Libra ♎️

Uranus: Scorpio ♏️

Neptune: Sagittarius ♐️

Pluto: Libra ♎️

North Node: Leo ♌️

Eastern Sign: Metal Rooster 🐓

Blood Type: O

Personality: INFJ / Empath / HSP / +

Politics: American 🇺🇸

Religion: Christian. Buddhist. Spiritual.

Light Side: Sweet

Dark Side: Psycho

Character class: ♠️

Interests: Self-Care. Psychology. Music, Writing, Fitness, Personal Growth, Spirituality. And defending my team 🇺🇸🐿🐣🐦.

Contact: 1.847.890.8301

Note: Leave a vmail. No texts. No live answering. Most vmails get erased without listening.

Reason One:

Reason Two:


Physical Mail: send it. 📦